YAWS json vs json2

Have a Erlang YAWS project that uses the json/json2 modules?  Notice some weirdness after upgrading to json2?  Yep , me too. In the original json you might do something like this: case json:decode_string(JSONdata) of {ok, {struct, Data}} -> [Field1,Field2] = [ proplists:get_value(X, Data) || X <- [field1,field2] ], in order to access the values in […]

Basic Directory Display in YAWS/Erlang

When setting up a web server for the first time what I always want to do is get a script working that just does basic things like show the contents of the directory on the server.  It helps me orient myself to the new language/software. Here’s my version of the Erlang code block that you […]

YAWS caching issue

Experiencing strange delays between editing source files (like .html, .css, .js, .yaws etc.) and having those changes appear (or take effect) when you view the page in a browser served through YAWS?  I did, and it was annoying. It’s also working as it is supposed to.  For performance reasons, when you launch YAWS on a […]

Install YAWS on OS X Lion and Mountain Lion

Having problems installing Yet Another Web Server (YAWS) on OS X 10.7 (Lion) or 10.8 (Mountain Lion)?  ./configure not working?  no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH?  You’ve come to the right place. Assuming you already have Erlang installed, there are two issues that will trip you up when you try to get YAWS up […]