Greasing Mower Deck Spindles

My lawn tractor has plastic shields that cover the mower deck spindles.  Those shields have small openings that are supposed to be used to access and grease the spindles.  They always clog up with grass and sand.  This makes accessing the grease fittings inside difficult.  Here’s how I fixed that. I have a John Deere […]

Lawn Tractor Oil Filter Tips

If you have a John Deere D125 lawn tractor (aka ride-on mower), or pretty much any of the D-series, and have ever replaced the oil filter, then you’ll know how annoying it can be.  The crux of the problem is that: the ‘proper’ oil filter (the AM125424 for a D125) is a very short filter […]

Disabling Lawn Tractor Safety Switches

Like many others, the 2015 John Deere D125 Lawn Tractor (aka ride-on mower or garden tractor) has two annoying safety switches.  One stalls the engine if you mow in reverse without pressing a button.  The other stalls the engine as soon as you get off the seat (or lean too much forward or to one […]