Install Parallels Tools on CentOS Server VM

So you’ve installed a CentOS Server into a Parallels Virtual Machine.  You probably want to share some folders to make data transfer between The HostOS (probably your Mac) and the GuestOS (CentOS) easier.  A bit of research has led you to discover that you need to Install Parallels Tools to do this, but when you click […]

Enable Networking on CentOS Server Parallels VM

Ok, so you’ve installed a CentOS server into a Parallels Virtual Machine.  If you experiment with clones or templates then it shouldn’t take you very long to notice that networking stops working.  Let’s find out the cause of the problem, fix it, then speculate about what is going on. # ifconfig reports only a lo/Loopback […]

Installing CentOS in a Virtual Machine

In the process of experimenting with CentOS I decided to virtualise the OS in order to make rollback and documentation of setup/administration processes easier. Here is a brief outline of the steps required to install CentOS into a Parallels Desktop Virtual Machine: Launch Parallels Desktop Add a New Virtual Machine Install Windows or another OS […]