Appropriate content warning bypass for Steam apps

Are you a Steam user?  Are you seeing warnings that “Content in this product may not be appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work.”  Do they annoy you?  Do you want them to just go away?  If so, read on. Due to retarded, Nanny State, ESRB policy, Valve is now required […]

How to replace ugly OS X icons

Upgraded recently?  Noticed the garish, hideous, red iTunes icon that has infected your dock?  Does it make you think something is wrong with the application?  Want to change it back, or at least to something else that just doesn’t suck as much?  It’s easy. Changing icons for applications in OS X isn’t hard.  There is the ‘right’ way (which […]

Terminal Keyboard Macro

Find yourself typing the same thing repeatedly in the Terminal app on OS X?  Wish you could keyboard macro something that works regardless of what shell, sub-shell, or program you’re in?  Well you can. I’ve been doing a bit of Erlang programming lately and got tired of having to change working directories so that I […]

Splitting an archive on Mac OS X

Problem:  Your hard disk is running out of space.  You have access to an external or Internet-based storage device but: it is has a file-size limit of 2GB, and/or you know (or strongly suspect) that it uses a single-fork file system and would thus destroy most of the Mac apps that you want to archive. […]