Syntax Highlighting in nano

Trying to edit certain files using nano?  Looking for better syntax highlighting?  Been advised that you can clone a github repo and ‘just’ install it?  Not sure how to proceed?  Read on. The GNU nano text editor is installed on a staggering number of Unix-based systems.  It’s light and friendly.  It’s also smart enough to […]

Erlang syntax highlighting for BBEdit/TextWrangler

Coding in Erlang on OS X?  Using BBEdit or TextWrangler?  Wish you could have syntax highlighting for your .erl and .hrl files?  Well you can! Paul Guyot developed an Erlang Language Module for BBEdit/TextWrangler that you can find over at Google Code. Download, read the README, plonk the module in the right directory, relaunch your editor.  Easy.