Infestation Q&A

There are a lot of questions about Infestation: Survivor Stories that new players have.  This page exists to answer some of those questions and increase your odds of survival.  They appear in no particular order. Can I re-use arrows? No.  Arrows are treated like ammo — every shot you fire from your compound crossbow removes one arrow […]


Infestation Private Server

Is it worth renting a Private Server for Infestation: Survivor Stories (formerly called WarZ)?  The short answer is: No. To explain that answer a little more fully we need to look at what why players might want their own private server and how private servers actually work. Player motivation There are a number of reasons […]

Infestation Survival Guide

Formerly called WarZ, Infestation: Survivor Stories (aka Infestation or ISS) is a zombie survival game with PvP elements.  This guide is for the survivalists, not the PvPers. In ISS players take on the role of ‘survivors’ and there are no quests to tell you what to do, you just need to survive as long as […]

Terminal Keyboard Macro

Find yourself typing the same thing repeatedly in the Terminal app on OS X?  Wish you could keyboard macro something that works regardless of what shell, sub-shell, or program you’re in?  Well you can. I’ve been doing a bit of Erlang programming lately and got tired of having to change working directories so that I […]

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing bypass

I was coding some Three.js scenes earlier and encountered the following error in Chrome (v27): Cross-origin image load denied by Cross-Origin Resource Sharing policy It happened when I was trying to load an image from a file to use as a texture for a material I wanted to apply to a mesh.  Basically, I wanted […]

Making Mobile Phones Ring Longer

Does your mobile phone forward incoming calls to voicemail too quickly?  Are you missing calls or having to mess about with messages and call people back as a result? Would you like to make your phone ring just a little bit longer – to give you a chance to actually answer it – before it […]

Install Parallels Tools on CentOS Server VM

So you’ve installed a CentOS Server into a Parallels Virtual Machine.  You probably want to share some folders to make data transfer between The HostOS (probably your Mac) and the GuestOS (CentOS) easier.  A bit of research has led you to discover that you need to Install Parallels Tools to do this, but when you click […]

Enable Networking on CentOS Server Parallels VM

Ok, so you’ve installed a CentOS server into a Parallels Virtual Machine.  If you experiment with clones or templates then it shouldn’t take you very long to notice that networking stops working.  Let’s find out the cause of the problem, fix it, then speculate about what is going on. # ifconfig reports only a lo/Loopback […]

Installing CentOS in a Virtual Machine

In the process of experimenting with CentOS I decided to virtualise the OS in order to make rollback and documentation of setup/administration processes easier. Here is a brief outline of the steps required to install CentOS into a Parallels Desktop Virtual Machine: Launch Parallels Desktop Add a New Virtual Machine Install Windows or another OS […]

CentOS on an Asus motherboard? Yes, you can!

The other day I decided to drastically reconfigure my home network.  I want to conduct some experiments with Kernel-based Virtual Machines and needed a stable host platform.  That naturally meant that Windows wasn’t an option.  I ultimately settled on CentOS 6.2 and redeployed my old gaming rig into service.  Some specs: Asus Maximus IV Extreme […]