AI Renders Artists Obsolete

I generated the following image of an excited kitten on a sleigh using Midjourney using a few descriptive terms and a couple of minutes of time.  It is amazing.  AI has rendered artists obsolete.


Unleash the creative spirit within!


4 thoughts on “AI Renders Artists Obsolete

  1. Imagine poor teachers when — instead of researching, learning and writing anything — students just enter things like “1000 word essay on the social effects of the great depression” into ChatGPT and submit the result as their own work.

  2. I’m an artist and writer. Why am I not worried? I’m excited at the opportunities AI brings as a tool.

    A human is great at doing writing, art, programming, legal “discovery”, medical diagnosis, and so on. An AI is great at doing those things too. But together they are better than either alone.

    I’m looking forward to being able to partner with AI to create complex, high quality stories, artwork, music, even movies and virtual worlds at a rate never possible on my own.

    This is not the end of human artists any more than the camera was. It is the beginning of a who new, exciting era.

  3. Miriam, aren’t you concerned that your work, or the work of your colleagues, will be devalued?

    The computer game industry has been inundated by a tidal wave of low-quality and low-effort games, thanks to tools like GameMaker and Unity that make game development easy for those with little in the way of skill. Because the consumer now has to wade through mountains of poor-to-mediocre offerings — in places like the Steam store — the perceived (and monetary) value of an ‘average computer game’ has dropped to somewhere around the single-digits, whereas a couple of decades ago a game could easily command 2–3x that.

    If one creates art for personal enjoyment, I can see AI being a great helper. If one has interest, but little skill, I can see AI enabling people to make all sorts of things of (highly variable, but often) passable quality. If one is one of the most skilled artists, then there is likely still a wide gap that AI still needs to bridge before posing a threat. But for those artists (the bulk) that are just plain ‘average’, isn’t AI going to eat their lunch?

    Up until now I’ve needed to call upon freelance artists to generate images for websites, applications and games. Now I can do it (virtually) all myself, in a faction of the time, at a fraction of the cost. That flow of money, to artists, practically disappeared overnight.

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