Simpson SR300B Manual

Simpson SR300BHere is a scan of the “Use and Care” manual that came with the Simpson SR300B refrigerator.  The SR300A and SR300C are very similar, so most (but not all) of the information in this manual applies to them as well.

Simpson started manufacturing appliances (in Adelaide, South Australia) in 1909.  They merged with Pope Industries in 1963.  They were then absorbed into Email Limited in 1986.  Email was broken up in 1999 and the Swedish multinational Electrolux acquired the major appliances group.  It has progressively shut down all fridge manufacturing plants in Australia.  The last remaining plant (in Orange, New South Wales) closed in 2016.

The Simpson SR300B is a 300L, frost-free, two-door fridge, with the freezer on the top and the fridge underneath.  The SR300B-L and SR300B-R are just left- and right-hinged versions of the same fridge.  We purchased ours in 2004 and it’s still working fine.  Only had to change the light bulb once.

Enjoy the manual.



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