Repair JBL Creature II Speakers

Do you own a JBL Creature II speaker system?  Have you noticed that the satellite speakers aren’t as loud or balanced as they used to be?  Wondering if it is possible to fix them?  If so, here’s the answer. The JBL Creature II satellite speakers have a paper cone that wears out over time.  Even […]

Disabling Lawn Tractor Safety Switches (Part 2)

In the first part of this series we disabled the seat safety switch.  In this instalment we’ll bypass the safety switch that prevents you from starting the engine unless the brake pedal is depressed. The Brake Safety Switch is located under the hood on the left-hand side, near the brake pedal. The switch features a […]

How to Zoom the Steam Client

Are you trying to use the Steam Client but find that the text and controls are too small to read and use easily?  Are you dumbfounded why there are no settings or keyboard shortcuts to make everything bigger?  If so, then today is your lucky day… The above screenshot is what the default skin looks […]

Greasing Mower Deck Spindles

My lawn tractor has plastic shields that cover the mower deck spindles.  Those shields have small openings that are supposed to be used to access and grease the spindles.  They always clog up with grass and sand.  This makes accessing the grease fittings inside difficult.  Here’s how I fixed that. I have a John Deere […]

TP-Link USB Wi-Fi connection issue

TP-Link make a cool little USB Wi-Fi adapter called the TL-WN725N.  I’ve just discovered something that may explain some of the connectivity issues folks are having with it.  The same issue is probably affecting a variety of other wireless devices as well. A while ago, I needed a USB Wi-Fi adapter that would work with […]

Recovering from a freeze in Linux

Ever had your Linux system freeze on you?  The mouse either doesn’t move, doesn’t register clicks, or both?  The keyboard seems completely unresponsive?  Can’t think of any way to regain control of your system except to press the power button?  Worried you might corrupt the filesystem if you do?  Fear not. The Linux kernel is […]

Tweaking Python programs

If you’re not a Python programmer but you’re trying to customise some Python code anyway, and your changes do not seem to make a difference, then there might be a simple explanation and fix. I recently installed mailnag to regularly check my IMAP mail account and notify me when new mail arrives.  Mailnag is really […]

Logging CRON messages to a different file

Noticed that a lot of the messages in /var/log/syslog are from CRON and anacron?  Would you prefer that they be directed to a different file?  Easy Peasy. I use cron to schedule the execution of a number of programs that perform a variety of tasks (e.g. backups).  By default, Ubuntu 18.04 is configured to log […]

Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.

Having problems connecting to sites with browsers like Firefox and Chrome?  Do pages seem to hang with a “Performing TLS Handshake” message at the bottom?  Is it particularly bad if you try to open multiple tabs all at once?  Here’s one reason why that happens, and how to fix it. I do most of my […]

Suppressing messages in /var/log/syslog

Running Ubuntu or some other Linux distro?  Seeing lots of pointless messages in /var/log/syslog?  Want to be able to stop/suppress/filter the entries from a particular program so that they don’t obscure the more important ones?  I’ll show you how. Lots of Linux users peek inside of the logs that accumulate in /var/log/ every-so-often to keep […]